Velvet Maroon Ear Pad for Aurora Headset

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Aurora Binaural Steel Tube Headset

  • Quick disconnect cord for the convenience of walking away without removing the headset

  • Super lightweight, durable and comfortable for all day use

  • Worn over both ears for natural feel and sound

  • Single cord off headset "No Yoke Under the Chin"

  • Adjustable headband

  • Superior steel tube microphone with replaceable windscreen

  • High quality receive

  • Replaceable soft velvet ear pads

  • Will work with any Smith Corona amplifier

  • Quantity discounts available

Bottom standard cord included for direct plug in to some Nortel, ESI phones, NEC and many others... where Polaris headsets are compatible.

Bottom cord can be wired to work with other manufacturers amplifiers and direct applications for little or no cost see more information below.

Call or email us to ensure correct compatibility.

P12466 - Buy $55.95

Aurora Binaural NST Accessories
Part No Description Price Each
P13064 Maroon Velvet Ear Pad $1.69
P13423 Foam Ear Pad with Hole $0.99
P13420 Aurora Windscreen $0.99
P13281 Clothing Clip $1.20


2.5mm Wireless Cell or Cordless Phone Adapter 6 Long



2.5mm Wireless Cell or Cordless Phone Adapter Curly 25 Long



3.5mm Wireless Cell or Cordless  Phone Adapter Curly 25 Long



Standard Blue Replacement Bottom Cord for Smith Corona Bases, Plantronics S11/12, T10/20 and more



Replacement C Bottom Cord for some Smith Corona Amps, Plantronics M12/M22, Cisco phones and more


  P13447 Avaya specialty cords, HIC, HIS, HIP     $19.95


Extension Cord QD to QD 5ft Stretched



Training Y-Cord with Mute Switch



Training Y-Cords without Mute Switch



Sound Card Cord 3.5 Connectors 4 ft  long



USB Adapter Cord with Mute, Transmit and Receive 5 ft long

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